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Make Them Thirsty

You Can Lead A Horse To Water . . .


A young salesman was very upset one morning after failing to close a large sized sale he had been working on for months!

The frustrated, young salesman slammed his phone down onto the receiver, brushed all of the paperwork off his desk onto the floor, kicked his garbage can, and in a sarcastic, angry voice yelled out…

sales-lessons-make-them-thirsty-lead-horse-to-waterc2“Well damned if that just doesn’t go to prove that you can lead a horse to water but you can NOT make it drink!”

Luckily, sitting directly across from this young, frustrated salesman sat an older, more experienced, much wiser, seasoned salesman.

This older salesman was the company’s top closer and the highest producing employee on staff! This sales veteran glanced up over the brim of his reading glasses and with a very calm and extremely sincere tone asked the younger, less experienced salesman…

“Son, will you allow me to share a small pearl of Sales wisdom with you today..?!

May I share something with you today that my sales manager taught me many, many years ago when I lost a sale similar to the one you just lost today..?!

If you will allow me to share this sales wisdom with you today I am confident that it will aide you in closing more sales, assist you in generating more clients, and even enable you to make more money throughout your career!”

In a mumbled, half assed response the young, inexperienced salesman replied…

“Yeah, whatever.”

The seasoned sales veteran…

“Your job as a Salesman is not to make your prospect drink, not by a long shot!

You’re sole responsibility and you’re only role is to simply to make your prospect thirsty!

You do not need to push them to the water, you do not need to pull them towards the water, you simply need to make them thirsty!”

It’s that simple…

“Just make them thirsty!”

-Author Unknown (Updated by Brandon D. Byrge)



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