Sales Defintion



1.) The act of selling

Specifically; the transfer of ownership of and title to property from one individual or company to another for an agreed upon price/cost

2.) Selling

a. Opportunity of selling or being sold
b. Distribution by selling

3.) Title

a. Vice President of Sales (VP)
b. The Sales Department 

4.) Plural

a. Operations and activities involved in promoting and selling goods or services
b. Gross Sales


1. The act of selling
2. A quantity sold
3. Opportunity to sell; demand: slow sale
4. A special disposal of goods, as at reduced prices
5. Transfer of property for money or credit
6. An auction


1. For sale, offered to be sold; made available to purchasers
2. On sale, able to be bought at reduced prices




Plural of sale


Of, relating to, or engaged in sales: sales records for the month of January; a sales department

Origin of Sale

Before 1050; Middle English; late Old English sala; cognate with Old Norse, Old High German sala. Cf. sell1
a. Middle English
b. Late Old English
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