12 Inspiring Song Lyrics

Music has a way of inspiring, lifting, and motivating the soul! Here are a dozen different song lyrics that have done so for me and I hope they will for you too! Enjoy!

“Remember one thing, through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out, keep your head up, and handle it.”
-Tupac Amaru Shakur

“Cause I think we can make it, in fact I’m sure. And if you fall, stand tall and comeback for more.”
-Tupac Amaru Shakur

“Cause sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak, and when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up. But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength and just pull that shit out of you and get that motivation to not give up.”

“No I won’t be afraid. Oh I won’t be afraid.”
-Ben E. King

“Being happy is the goal, but greatness is my mission.”
-Childish Gambino

“Get up, stand up! Don’t give up the fight!”
-Bob Marley

“Don’t worry, about a thing, ‘cause every little thing is gonna be alright!”
-Bob Marley

“It’s a beautiful day. Don’t let it get away.”

“Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet. Just a man and his will to survive.”

“I’m a survivor. I’m not gonna give up. I’m not gonna stop. I’m gonna work harder.”
-Destiny’s Child

“Right now! There’s no tomorrow.”
-Van Halen

“Don’t stop believing!”

Heads Up Universe

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Hey Universe, this is just a friendly heads up to let you know that no matter what you may be preparing for my future, no matter what challenges or obstacles lie in wait, no matter how hard you hit me, no matter what you bring my way that I will NEVER give up and I will NEVER quit! Do your damnedest, but rest assured, when the dirt settles and the smoke clears, I will still be standing! quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

-Brandon D. Byrge
(February 2017)


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When There Is No Enemy Within

African Proverb

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you. African proverb

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What Can You Learn From Care Bears

What Can You Learn From A Care Bear..?!


I am sure most of you will remember the fun loving, colorful characters referred to as the “Care Bears“! If you take a moment to nostalgically think back onto this TV Show from the early 19care-bears-grumpy-bear-care-bear-funshine-care-bear-attitude-the-choice-is-ours-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-980’s you will most likely remember that there were several different characters (Care Bears) each with a special badge on their chest which prominently portrayed their general attitude towards life and towards other Care Bears.

For some reason ever since I was just a tike,  2 of these cute, little characters always stood out to me; Grumpy Bear and Funshine Bear. These two Care Bears and their unique attitude and approach towards life were exactly antithetical to each other! The attitude portrayed behind each of their special badges proudly portrayed on their chest were on absolutely opposite ends of what I would call the “Care Bear Attitude Spectrum”! 

Funshine Bearcare-bears-grumpy-bear-care-bear-funshine-care-bear-attitude-the-choice-is-ours-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-4 is cheerful, upbeat, optimistic, and he simply loves to spread happiness and sunshine to others!

He has carnation yellow fur with a Smiling Sun on his special Care Bear Badge representing his constant upbeat attitude of positivity, his optimistic outlook towards everything, and his desired to spread cheer and happiness all over the place!

Some catchphrases you may hear Funshine Bear cheerfully shooting include “Share happiness“, “Here to put a little more sunshine in your day“, and “Share the love“! 

care-bears-grumpy-bear-care-bear-funshine-care-bear-attitude-the-choice-is-ours-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-2Grumpy Bear taught us that while it’s okay to feel a little grumpy every once in awhile, it is also silly to let grumpiness go too far! He serves as a reminder that being grumpy doesn’t help anyone and just makes things worse! His fur color is blue and his special Care Bear Badge is a dark raincloud with raindrops.

He is pessimistic, cynical, surly, and grumpy, hence the name!

Some of his famous catchphrases include “Blah-Blah-Blah“, “Get off my cloud“, and “Who cares“!

One Saturday morning way back in the early 1980’s I was sitting in front of the family television (TV) with a big bowl of Captain Crunch in front of me, ready to watch the latest Care Bear Episode. For some reason this morning really stands out to the forefront of my memory as these 2  2 specific Care Bears were the driving force behind this week’s new episode. As you can imagine their paths kept on crossing all throughout the episode and they together (and separately) faced many of the same issues, problems, and opportunities but as you can imagine their decisions and thus results were nearly polar opposites! care-bears-grumpy-bear-care-bear-funshine-care-bear-attitude-the-choice-is-ours-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-19Whether Funshine Bear faced a negative, positive, or neutral opportunity or circumstance he approached everything he faced cheerfully, with a positive, upbeat attitude that could only make you feel good! On the other hand Grumpy Bear was negative, down, and pessimistic all throughout this episode no matter what happened to him good, bad, or neutral!

As you can imagine the attitude, approach towards life, and general inner spirit that possessed each of the 2 characters became a simple, yet powerful reminder for my young mind which I have carried with me throughout my life and been a tool which I have tried to utilize as I face my life decisions, opportunities, and circumstances. My personal, inner challenge to myself has always been…


What would Funshine Bear (or Grumpy Bear) be thinking or doing?!



Am I approaching this the way Funshine Bear would or more like Grumpy Bear?!

Now, my question and challenge to myself, and to each of you is to stand in front of your mirror, give yourself the Care Bear Stare and ask yourself…

Am I facing life, looking at this problem, or approaching this opportunity the way optimistic, Funshine Bear would or is it more from the negative vantage point of pouty, pessimistic, Grumpy Bear..?!

Think about it! Attitude… The Choice is YOURS! 

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Big Rocks


(Big Rocks | Little Rocks | Pebbles)

There was once a very wise teacher, whose words of wisdom students would come from far and wide to hear. One day as usual, many students began to gather in the teaching room. They came in and sat down very quietly, looking to the front with keen anticipation, ready to hear what the teacher had to say.

big-rocks-story-inspirational-story-inspire-inspiring-story-big-rocks-little-rocks-small-rocks-pebbles-blog-of-brandon-d-byrge-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-dr-stephen-r-covey-64 Eventually the teacher came in and sat down in front of the students. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. On one side of the teacher was a large glass jar. On the other side was a pile of dark grey rocks. Without saying a word, the teacher began to pick up the rocks one by one and place them very carefully in the glass jar (Plonk! Plonk!). When all the rocks were in the jar, the teacher turned to the students and asked… 

“Is the jar full?” 

“Yes”, came the response from the students. “Yes, teacher, the jar is full”. 

Without saying a word, the teacher began to drop small round pebbles carefully into the large glass jar so that they fell down between the rocks. (Clank! Clank!). When all the pebbles were in the jar, the teacher turned to the students and asked…

“Is the jar now full?”

big-rocks-story-inspirational-story-inspire-inspiring-story-big-rocks-little-rocks-small-rocks-pebbles-blog-of-brandon-d-byrge-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-dr-stephen-r-covey-1The students looked at one another and then some of them started nodding and saying… 

“Yes. Yes, teacher, the jar is now full. Yes”. 

Without saying a word, the teacher took some fine silver sand and let it trickle with a gentle sighing sound into the large glass jar (Whoosh) where it settled around the pink pebbles and the dark grey rocks. When all the sand was in the jar, the teacher turned to the students and asked…

“Is the jar now full?”

The students were not so confident this time, but the sand had clearly filled all the space in the jar so a few still nodded and said…

big-rocks-story-inspirational-story-inspire-inspiring-story-big-rocks-little-rocks-small-rocks-pebbles-blog-of-brandon-d-byrge-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-dr-stephen-r-covey-2“Yes, teacher, the jar is now full. Now it’s full”.

Without saving a word, the teacher took a jug of water and poured it carefully, without splashing a drop, into the large glass jar. (Glog! Glog!)

When the water reached the brim, the teacher turned to the students and asked…

“Is the jar now full?”

Most of the students were silent, but two or three ventured to answer…

“Yes, teacher, the jar is now full. Now it is”.

Without saying a word, the teacher took a handful of salt and sprinkled it slowly over the top of the water with a very quiet whooshing sound. (Whoosh!) When all the salt had dissolved into the water, the teacher turned to the students and asked once more…

big-rocks-story-inspirational-story-inspire-inspiring-story-big-rocks-little-rocks-small-rocks-pebbles-blog-of-brandon-d-byrge-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-dr-stephen-r-covey-5“Is the jar now full?”

The students were totally silent. Eventually one brave student said…

“Yes, teacher. The jar is now full”.

“Yes”, said the teacher “Now the jar is full”.

The teacher then said the following to his students…

“A story always has many meanings and you will each have understood many things from this demonstration. Discuss quietly amongst yourselves what meanings the story has for you. How many different messages can you find in it and take from it..?!”

The students looked at the wise teacher and at the beautiful glass jar filled with grey rocks, pink pebbles, silver sand, water and salt. Then they quietly discussed with one another the meanings the story had for them. After a few minutes, the wise teacher raised one hand and the room fell silent. The teacher said…

“Remember that there is never just one interpretation of anything. You have all taken away many meanings and messages from the story, and each meaning is as important and as valid as any other”.

And without saying another word, the teacher got up and left the room.

What are the Big Rocks in your life..?! How about your Small Rocks..?! Your Pebbles..?!

-Source: Originally Shared By Dr. Stephen R. Covey (RIP)

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Life Is Generally…

Life is generally pretty damn amazing if you let it be.

-Tom Hiddleston

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The Pop Quiz

One day during my second month of nursing school, my Professor gave my class a Pop Quiz…Pop Quiz Lessons Learned Lesson Learned Brandon Byrge Blog 1
I was a conscientious student, a good student, I had breezed through all the Quiz questions up until the very last one. The last question on the Quiz was…
“What is the first name of the woman who cleans our school for us..?”
Surely this was some kind of joke?! I had seen the Janitor several times before and knew that she was tall, had dark hair, and was most likely in her 50’s, but how in the world would I know her name..?!
What's Your Name? Pop Quiz Lesson Life Lessons Brandon Byrge brandonbyrgeI left the last question blank and turned in my Quiz. Just before class ended, one of my classmates asked if the last question would count towards our grade.
“Absolutely”, said the Professor!
“In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say ‘Hello’!”
What's Your Name? Life Lessons Brandon Byrge Brandon D. Byrge Well I learned the Janitor’s name that day, it’s “Dorothy”. I also learned a great lesson, one which I will not soon forget, one that I will always cherish and strive to follow throughout the rest of my life!
Every single person you come across is important! Take the time to ask (and remember) the names of those individuals in your life!
Thank you for teaching me such a valuable life lesson Professor! I will not forget your Pop Quiz, your important lesson, or the names of the people in my life now thanks to you!



aFriends Friend Friendship Friendships Blessed Blessings Brandon Byrge Brandon D. Byrge Brandon Dean Byrge

Amigos Friend Friends Amigo Amiga Friendship Brandon Byrge BrandonByrge brandondeanbyrge Brandon D B 7I don’t think that I could adequately describe in any human language the immensely profound level of gratitude I feel in my heart for having been so richly blessed with such phenomenal friends all throughout my life!Amigos Friend Friends Amigo Amiga Friendship Brandon Byrge BrandonByrge brandondeanbyrge Brandon D. Byrge Byrge Blog 15

For some reason, beyond any merit of my own, the most incredible men and women have been placed into my life around every corner and down every road I have chosen to pursue! The influence of my friends has proven to be enlightening, inspiring, life changing, and mind boggling, to say the very least!

To my friends I say, thank you! Thank you for your friendship, for your love, for your faith, and for your guidance! I love each of you immensely!

-Brandon D. Byrge
(July 2016)

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The World’s Greatest

‪Muhammad Ali‬ (‪Cassius Clay‬)

We will never forget you Champ! You truly were the World’s Greatest!

Thank you for showing us how to live life and how we should all face our obstacles!

Keep on Floating and Stinging Hero! R.I.P. Champ!

One Step One Punch One Round

One Step at a Time, One Punch at a Time, One Round at a Time!    

Rocky Balboa (Creed)1 Step 1 Punch 1 Round

In Honor & Loving Memory of

Bryan David Byrge


Eye of the Tiger

Live BigLive Big livebig Bryan David Byrge Bryan Byrge Katie Vranes Byrge Katie Byrge Live Big LiveBig In Honor of Bryan Byrge Live Big

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