Supervisors, Managers, & Colleagues of Brandon Byrge

Brandon was a great asset to the team. He always had a positive attitude and could out-work anyone.

Ben Richards DOMO

Benjamin Richards
Corporate Enterprise Executive

Brandon is one of the most driven, focused and energetic people I have seen. He is a pleasure to work around and a positive contribution to any environment. Brandon is an out of the box thinker, and will contribute in areas even out side his domain on his free time. A consummate team player, will drive the team initiative and help those around him.

David Elkington
CEO InsideSales.com 

Working with Brandon has been such a great experience. Brandon is a networking expert and a sales genius. His contagious energy, motivation and innovative business ideas will create momentum within any organization. Brandon not only works extremely hard but he works extremely smart. Brandon is very motivated and motivates all of those around him. He always goes above and beyond what is expected of him.

Michelle Tischner
Michelle Tischner
SaaS Sales & Inside Sales Consulting

Brandon is a special combination of social media genius and cold-call workhorse. He also has the right personality for sales – friendly, outgoing, personable. Could probably sell anything to anyone and everybody would feel good about the transaction.

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